you are beautiful
I just read your story. I can understand you not wanting to disappoint your father. Have you talked to him about it? Maybe you could figure out exactly what you want to say and then sit down with him and tell him. Tell him you do your best and it would be more helpful if he would be supportive, instead of only commenting on anything he sees as a shortcoming. He probably means well, he might just not know the damage he's doing.

thank you for reading my story. My father and i have had multiple conversations, and we are currently just avoiding any confrontation with eachother. thank you for responding.

Do you feel like any of what is happening your fault? Because It's not. Be who you want to be and not what your father wants you to be! You will be very successful at life(:

sometimes. i feel like my father wants me to be a certain way and i dont want to dissapoint him, know what i mean. thank you for reaching out to me, you are very kind.i hope you are successful at life too :) thanks for making my day :)

i want to share, my story.

I have to be perfect. My Dad finds that to be an important factor in my personality. I have to be perfect. Skinny, straight A’s, star athlete. Its funny because his ideal kid, was a boy. At least thats what he makes feel like he wanted. I’m not skinny, im not fat but I’m a little chubby.  He hates it.  I don’t get straight A’s, i get B’s and C’s. Thats not bad, but everytime i bring home that report card he says i can do so much better, like getting straight A’s. I play softball, I’m alright at that, i play Center field. still not good enough. My parents are divorced and, my mother has an alcohol problem. She’ll be normal till she pulls out the vodka. My brother just got out of drug and alcohol rehab, he also wanted to kill himself. He has type 1 Diabeties, i remember when i would here him in the middle of the night having a seizure and all i could do is cry, was so young and i had to experience this, i thought he was going to die. Every seizure he had, i thought he was going to die when my mother leaft me behind to drive him to the emergency room. He hated his disease so he decided to fall under the sickness of alcohol and he let it control him. I vow not to follow my brothers mistake, i will rise above it. Addiction is in the family. figures. my family. I am alone, always will be something that my father says is bad. I want to sing, scream, run. get away. I’m addicted to dreaming for a better life, i wonder if dying will solve problems, but what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger right? i’m not perfect but i’m beautiful. i have scars but people who love me for me will look pass my past. someday i will be okay, no longer alone, not longer scared, no longer sad. no more tears. thank you to the people who read my story, i dont care if you like it but thanks for reading. to the people who feel alone, like myself, just know, youre not. God bless you. you are beautiful. 

to forget you.


to forget you
would be like
to forget
to breathe

you are etched
into me like
the patterns
on my skin

i remember you
as the marks
you left on
my soul

to erase you
would be like
to quit


This feeling is felonious. 
You broke my soul,
Stole my heart beat,
Crushed my expectations,
Infiltrated my thoughts,
Robbed my sanity,
Murdered my hope.

They say you lose faith.
Lose your voice,
Lose a shoe.
Get lost in the mail,
Lose your mind.
Lose a game of basketball,
Lose a friend.
But you are standing right in front of me;
Be found already. 


It’s alright.
You can cry if you want to.
You can stay up all night
Dissecting all the lies that still haunt you.

She said
“I wanna make this work,
Let’s shoot for forever.
We can bury old ashes in the dirt,
We’ll mend those scratches.
I’ll heal the hurt.”

She said
“I want you to know,